Who are we ?

KESWACOP is a store specializing in the supply of high quality accessories for law enforcement, including the National Police, the Municipal Police, the National Gendarmerie and Customs.

Keswacop boutique

Our history

KESWACOP was created on February 11, 2019 by a group of friends who are passionate about equipment for security, the military and law enforcement in general. In its early days, the company mainly marketed equipment dedicated to Security. But little by little, we diversified and our product ranges gradually extended to law enforcement and affiliates, recognizing their need to equip themselves.

We then discovered a world of enthusiasts with common values ​​and commitments. It is thanks to our meetings with Associations and agents in the field that we were able to listen and understand your specific needs.

We then chose to create unique, specialized and personalized products, reflecting the Forces of Order, their values ​​and their commitments to a fairer world. Every day, we support you, with equipment designed just for you, in accomplishing your missions.


With us, there is no question of following the beaten paths of large equipment manufacturers for the Forces of Order. Everything we do is deeply rooted in our beliefs.

We are evolving quickly, but our spirit remains that of a united community, of a start-up, and of a group of friends who share the same passions. It is through sharing, transparency and action that we aspire to shake up the law enforcement accessories industry:

  • By supporting exceptional artisanal skills,
  • By giving power back to consumers through unique means of personalization,
  • By fighting defeatist mentalities.

We are simply Keswacop, and this is our vision of things!

Our vision

After years of experience in the field of law enforcement accessories, here is what we have observed:

We have observed that law enforcement agencies are often confronted with a flood of contradictory, unclear and even biased information. This leads them to make insufficiently informed choices regarding the quality, style and provenance of their accessories.

Many well-known brands prioritize marketing over quality. Besides creating poor value for money for consumers, these big brands are often the least committed to quality, sustainability, and the well-being of their customers.

The consequences of this situation are multiple and harmful for everyone:

  • Customers are not receiving the quality they deserve.
  • Quality brands find themselves stifled by competition.

We are determined to change this dynamic for professionals by offering truly professional accessories and therefore in their image, by committing to:

  • superior quality,
  • total transparency on manufacturing,
  • a unique and recognizable design,
  • the strength and durability of our accessories,
  • cutting-edge means of personalization,

and therefore the well-being of our customers.